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Staging. The Most Important Thing Sellers Can Do

Posted by bethdickerson_pksl7a on July 19, 2019
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Sellers can sometimes have mixed feelings about staging their home for sale. Some feel their home is already perfect in their eyes when it may be in fact taste specific, or in the case of a vacant home they may not want to part with the extra money. The reality is that it can really benefit a timely sale and oftentimes for a higher sale price. The National Association of Realtors estimates that for every $100 paid on staging a seller can recoup $400. 

The two situations that staging has its most impact is if a home is too cluttered or if a home is vacant. Vacant homes can be hard for buyers to envision the space laid out. For example, how much room is there once a king size bed is in the master bedroom? Or would a table with 6 chairs fit easily in the dining room? On top of assisting with identifying space and layout, furnishings can also help warm the home up and make it more inviting. 

On the flip side, a home that is cluttered will seem messy and smaller. You should also be sure that the decor is neutral and not very personal. This can keep buyers from envisioning themselves living there as it appears too much like someone else’s home. It is surprising just how much the decor and furnishings impact a buyer’s impression. Even though they don’t come with the sale, they can certainly set the stage for inspiration with what one can do with the home. 

The exterior of your home should also be staged. The front of your home should be well maintained, nicely landscaped, windows clean and walkways should be in good condition with front doors being freshly painted. Any outdoor spaces should be inviting and showcase how one can enjoy these extra living spaces. 

For anyone who is on a tighter budget, there are some things you can do on your end with staging rather than hiring a professional. Ideas include:

  • Remove extra, ancillary pieces of furniture
  • Place fresh towels in the bathroom with decorative bar soap
  • Place flowers in key common rooms
  • Keep blinds open to allow for light
  • Cover beds with nice bedspreads
  • Remove some clothes from closets making them appear larger
  • Keep tables and surfaces free of belongings
  • Stow away personal photos 

Doing just some of these things can have a big impact on potential buyers!

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